The stronger triple threat – Dufour-LaPointe’s or the Hansons?

Justine and Cloe Dufour-LaPointe took gold and silver respectively today in Sochi with defending Olympic champion, American Hannah Kearney taking bronze in the women’s moguls. As amazing as it is that two sisters took gold and silver in the same Olympic event, what may be even more amazing is that there were in fact three Dufour-LaPointes skiing in Saturday’s gold medal run. Maxine Dufour-LaPointe did not medal.

As far as I can remember, North America hasn’t seen three siblings dominate at this level since the Hanson brothers took the ice for the Charlestown Chiefs.


The HansonsGTY_chloe_justine_maxine_dufour_lapointe_465414797_jt_140128_16x9_992

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Bode Sets the Bar in Sochi

Practice is over and USA’s Bode Miller is the man to beat in Sunday morning’s Men’s Downhill event from Sochi. On a course the features big long airs and insane speeds, Bode has emerged as the man to beat. At 36, is Bode better than ever? We will find out when he goes for golds on Sunday morning at 2am. EST. If his practice run is an indicator of whats to come, I’d say its worth staying up for…


To watch Bode and all of the US athletes compete in Sochi you can download NBC Sports “Live Extra app. 

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California’s Drought Forces Apres Staff to Get Creative


DROUGHT ridge 011414

With the Tahoe area off to its third dry season in a row (seriously does it ever snow here?), your Squaw correspondent is starting to get restless.  After removing a good bit off base and a bit of core on a rock off of the Squaw Creek chair in December, I finally decided it was time to make moves.  The first full week in January set up well for the Wasatch, with small storms throughout the week and 2+ feet forecasted for the weekend of Jan 10th.  Over several pints of Lagunitas on the 9th a plan was hatched.  Myself and 2 other Squaw loyalists headed east, arriving in Salt Lake Saturday morning (the 11th).  The first afternoon at Alta was good but not great.  Temps were in the high 30s, the sky was broken up but not snowy, and the cover was iffy (still way better than anything Tahoe had).  Only Supreme / Catherine’s was skiing particularly well.  High T was open but you could have mountain biked it.  We were bummed by the temps and the missing storm.  Over Apres beers at the Peruvian the regret started to creep in.  Was this the wrong weekend to have dropped everything for a last minute trip? 

At 7:00 am the next morning the roads were mostly clear at the base of Little Cottonwood, and some sleet was coming down.  As we got higher into the canyon the sleet turned to wet snow and then dry snow.  At the Alta base the wind was blowing sideways, it was puking out, and there was almost a foot on the ground.  We had to wait until 9:30 or so for Collins to open, but it was worth it.  For the next 7 hours we were treated to face shots, untracked lines, and rapidly accumulating powder.  Over the course of the day at least another 8 inches came down (free refills!) and the wind meant that it was piling even higher in certain aspects.  Greely had near white out conditions but was DEEP.  Supreme stayed shut, but everything off of the front side was skiing really well.  High Boy, Eagle’s Nest, High Nowhere were all unbelievable.  Entrances were predictably sketchy, but once in every chute and tree line was holding 2 feet by the end of the day.  Top 10 day on the slopes, finished off with beers at the Attic Bar (if you have to ask…).

My buddies grabbed the first flight back Monday morning to get to work – I stayed for more time in the White Room.  Overnight another foot dropped, and it continued to come down throughout most of Monday (the official storm total was 43”).  Even better, they opened Supreme, which until then had been shut for the entire storm.  There were so few people there that I could pick out my tracks from the chair each time up.  At one point I got out over my tips and cartwheeled without ever hitting base – all pow.  You could get faceshots on every turn, or open it up and air it out off of the many little bumps and buried terrain.  Top 5 day on the slopes, follow by beers on the United flight home.

With much of the country dry again this week I’ve been planning my next “emergency trip” somewhere.  Whistler anyone?

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Lindsey Vonn Eyes Sochi!

Simply posted on her website, Linsey Vonn appears to be back and preparing for another Olympic run in 2014 at Sochi.  Although it is challenging to find any info on Vonn’s skiing activities these days, it does appear that she has recovered from her horrible crash last season and is focused on the 2014 season and ultimately the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia.

As quoted by U.S.A Today, Vonn will focus on speed events like super g and downhill as she fights through the mental daemons that she will inevitably face after last season’s crash.

lindsey vonn picture

As anticipation for the upcoming season mounts, and with under a month to go before the U.S Alpine team is announced at Copper, all eyes will be on Lindsey!


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Skier Hucks a Backflip in the Face of Sure Death!

This is one of the more unreal things I’ve seen. Sverre Liliequist, while outrunning a terrifying avalanche throws a perfect backflip and skies to safety. Many things come to mind when watching this video, but for anybody who has ever witnessed the devastating power generated by an avalanche, there are few words that can actually explain the confidence that it must take to execute under such circumstances.

Sverre Liliequist throws backflip while escaping an avalanche


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Lindsay Vonn Suffers Season Ending Injury in Big Crash

As reported by multiple news outlets around the world, American skiing icons Lindsay Vonn suffered a season ending ACL injury today in Austria. While this is undoubtedly a huge blow to both the skier and the US Ski Team, reports seem optimistic that Lindsay will be back for 2014 and the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia.


This photo taken from an article by the NY Times shows Vonn being airlifted to local Austrian hospital minutes after her crash.

We wish Lindsay the best in her road to recovery.

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Terrible teaching – Dad your killing me!

So many examples of the blind leading the blind that I had to feature these two hysterical video clips. Enjoy.

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Low Cloud Cover at Stowe


Taking it all in on a nice Stowe morning. The warm weather softened the snow and made for a low cloud ceiling. Turned out to be a great day.

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Apres Foul – We’re not on a boat

To be clear, we appreciate boat drinks. In fact, we love boat drinks. However, it needs to be said that there is a fine line between enjoying a dark’n stormy in one of hundreds summer scenarios that I can think of and ordering one at Apres. Last weekend at the Matterhorn in Stowe, VT this harsh realization came to light amidst calls for Switchback, Longtrail, Whiskey and even the occasional white wine when an unsuspecting patron bellied up to the bar and loudly ordered a Mt. Gay and Ginger Beer. First of all, its insulting, call the drink by its name, they are professional bar tenders – they’ve heard of a Dark’n Stormy. Secondly, its not July and the closest thing to a boat within 200 miles is your fathers escalade.

Thankfully its hard to damped the mood in that place, especially on the heals of a phenomenal ski day. So lets just site this one as a mistake and move on.

What’s your Apres beverage of choice?

Our recent Apres bevo of choice

Our recent Apres bevo of choice

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Snow in Stowe – Winter has arrived!

Turns out all it took was a little fussing about no snow and bam, winter has arrived! Over two feet of fresh snow fell in Northern Vermont in the days following my plee for Winter and we showed up just in time to enjoy it. Despite super cold temps we enjoyed a few great days up at Stowe skiing, hiking, hot tubbing and of course Apres’ing earlier this week.

hiking the Notch

photo of stowe house

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Stowe, VT