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Staring down the barrel of our 7th season is exciting. While a lot has changed, families have grown and interests have expanded, our passion for everything that embodies Apres has not. Thank you again for visiting. Enjoy!


For those of you who still faithfully visit the “About Us” page hoping to find a new picture, your three year wait is over. Apres recently graced one of our favorite charities “Take it to the MAX” and found time for a snapshot.


About Us

Just looking at the photo below reminds us of how far Apres has come and more importantly how much fun we’ve had along the way. Thanks to you all!


Andrew and Duncan (11.2009)


We both grew up in New England but have had the pleasure of enjoying Apres culture all over the world. Apres is something that we have known our whole lives and hope to share with as many people as possible. Bottom line, this is what we love. From a few casual drinks at a local watering hole or even on the beach, to an all out theme day on the slopes, we hope that you all can enjoy and share this special culture with us. We value any feedback or suggestions our readers can pass along. In fact, this blog/website is intended to embrace the “Apres way of life” which is shared by millions of our friends and to create an open platform for us all to share exactly why it is Apres has become so meaningful. Thank you for visiting, you are always welcome here!

Andrew and Duncan

7 comments on “About Apres
  1. maloney says:

    Slotty, nice job on the website, although, I would like to see more dedicated to the snow bunnies! I’ll be in killington from 12/26-1/1….Let me know if you’ll be around the area!



  2. john rando says:

    what about apresyachting in the summer??

  3. Bryan Sparkes says:

    Well done fellas.

    Slotty, you look about 13 years old in that picture.

    In the spirt of the legendary Daffy, have a look at the Youtube video my cousin put together last year In Jackson – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5fVVVeS6ug



  4. JSA says:

    This is very nice. Great pix.

  5. Mr. Brown says:

    Nice work guys, classy tie Andrew.


  6. apresski says:

    Thanks for the comments, seriously. Although we would argue that red, not pink, pants hardly symbolizes a miserable life, hopefully you will continue to check out the site. Also, if you really have issue with the pants we will pass your comments along to the CFO who you seem to like for further consideration.


  7. John Harvey says:

    Guys, Phenominal job on the website!!!! I might visit more often just for the snowbunnies!

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