Apres Foul – We’re not on a boat

To be clear, we appreciate boat drinks. In fact, we love boat drinks. However, it needs to be said that there is a fine line between enjoying a dark’n stormy in one of hundreds summer scenarios that I can think of and ordering one at Apres. Last weekend at the Matterhorn in Stowe, VT this harsh realization came to light amidst calls for Switchback, Longtrail, Whiskey and even the occasional white wine when an unsuspecting patron bellied up to the bar and loudly ordered a Mt. Gay and Ginger Beer. First of all, its insulting, call the drink by its name, they are professional bar tenders – they’ve heard of a Dark’n Stormy. Secondly, its not July and the closest thing to a boat within 200 miles is your fathers escalade.

Thankfully its hard to damped the mood in that place, especially on the heals of a phenomenal ski day. So lets just site this one as a mistake and move on.

What’s your Apres beverage of choice?

Our recent Apres bevo of choice

Our recent Apres bevo of choice

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