Apres Goes Through Massive Re-Org

After a long off season, the executive team at Apres has decided to make some changes. The hardest of which occurred somewhere between the passed crab cakes, beef wellington and who knows what number dark’n stormy at a party of epic proportions in our very own CFO’s honor. It was at that point that I let him know that his responsibilities were changing and that he was being relocated. Now heading business development as well as the fashion department our CFO was on a plane to the West Coast later that week. In an equally difficult move, we let our chief investment officer J.D know that his assignment in London was scheduled to continue and that crossing the pond privately was no longer in the budget. The consultant to the Snow Bunny community will remain in place (fact is we don’t know where he is so no action there). Overall the changes are positive and upon reflection C.E.brO noted…

“It is very exciting for our organization to have such talent strategically positioned. We believe that these moves make us a leaner organization and one that will be better in touch with our customers.” (just now)

Whats really important here however, is that we are really excited to fire up another ski season. With eyes and ears now on both coasts we are hoping to take Apres to the next level. If you have any ideas or suggestions please let us know!

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  1. Let us know if we can create your own brand of skis, snowboards, ski blades to excite your clients and create “market buzz” on and off the slopes!

    Regards, Bruce Duncan
    CEO: BDXSports.com

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