“The Canadian beaver — not lazy.”

Well, maybe the pork chop above is, but “not lazy” was the acknowledgment given to his beaver foes, by Poley Mt. general manager Jamie Hare in a piece written by Ron Hogan (article) regarding the Canadian ski resort being bullied by beavers. With tragedy filling this weekends  headlines ranging from another lift malfunction in Ohio (nobody hurt though) to avalanches and search rescues out West to fatal accidents here in the East, I wanted to lighten things up here with a fun story about beavers are saying no to fake snow. Apparently the beavers are clogging the reserve ponds at Poley Mountain in Canada and now that ice has frozen the top layer of the ponds, the resort is completely helpless to the stealthy beavers. As a result the Poley Mt. has to bring in water for snow making, advantage beavers!

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