East Coast Resorts… Bound and Down.

What unfortunately comes as no surprise, is this years rankings for the top resorts in North America. And nothing even close to an East Cost resort amongst them. As I brought up in a previous post, regarding where to buy a ski pass, I fear that my mind is all but made. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is absolutely a global issue and if we were comparing on the basis of Apres activities, I think the results would be a bit different. However, the sad reality, is that the best Apres spots are generally those located in the best ski spots. As such, the scene, atmosphere, and overall fun factor, is usually higher after an amazing powder or sun day, than it is at 1pm with frostbite, wind burn, and a collision injury. Congrats to Deer Valley for sure, 4 years at the top is impressive! Check out the rankings here and the ski magazine article here.

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