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Leading the Country – Sunday River Opens First

  I can’t believe I’m actually writing this, but Sunday River was the first resort in the country to fire up its lifts for the 2010-2011 ski season.  This past Friday, October 22, Sunday River officially became the first resort

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La Nina es muy bonita

I’ve been spending the day trying to do as little work as possible, which usually means surfing all over the internet, playing games on my phone, and chatting with friends.  I stumbled upon an article about El Nino and La

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Big Saws and Big Air

I know I post this video every year, but there is a reason for that. Its the single best ski clip, short of a few scenes from Hot Dog the Moive, I’ve ever seen. My advice… turn the volume up….turn

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Puking At K-Mart Right Now

(editor’s note: title not to be confused with what the CEO  did off of the SuperStar quad last March)     The spine of the greens is getting hammered right now.  My latest sources tell me that the snow line

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For Sale – Snow Bunnies

I mean this is completely ridiculous. Check this out and drop us some feedback. If you have time, take a special look at the terms of agreement for this site. They mention “consenting adults” a lot.

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Winter is Getting Close

Don’t look now – winter is just around the corner.  Time to tune those skis, dig up the gear bags, and make last minute hard-shell purchases.  This shot was taken yesterday at Sunday River.  My sources inform me that Loveland

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East Coast Resorts… Bound and Down.

What unfortunately comes as no surprise, is this years rankings for the top resorts in North America. And nothing even close to an East Cost resort amongst them. As I brought up in a previous post, regarding where to buy

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Stowe, VT