While Liftopia has been around since 2006, we have had enough readers bring its value to our attention, that we have decided to make a permanent link on our site, under the “deal” tab on the left of the site. I will leave description up to them, here’s an intro…

“How does Liftopia get such great lift ticket deals? The truth is, resorts want you to ski or ride more often. Because you are willing to commit in advance to specific days, and know that you can’t cancel your booking once it is done with, Liftopia makes it safe for our resort partners to offer exclusive deals through our site. This way resorts can try to get more folks out on the slopes, without hurting their on-mountain prices. The term in the industry is “incremental purchases”, which essentially means that with better deals for specific days, you will want to ski or ride more often than you would otherwise.”

We hope that this resource helps make skiing more affordable for you and your families. With all the cash you can save by using Liftopia, hopefully you will be encouraged to ski more, and of course sample the local apres scene. Let us know.

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