Jay PEEak enters phase two of massive development plan.

Using foreign investment funds, Jay Peak is breaking ground of the second phase of their massive development plan, which is aimed to make them a major, 4-season, player on the Canadian boarder. (Although snack bar menus have not yet been released, don’t sleep on the incredibly unhealthy and delicious, Canadian delicacy, poutine) The plan amongst other things, will make the resort and greater Jay Peak area, home to the Northeast’s largest indoor water park. Personally, when I think indoor water parks, I think screaming kids, excessive humidity, LOTS OF PEE, and raging skin infections. 

However, as pointed out in the article published by the AP, the water park will bring more than just arm floaties and noodles to northern Vermont. The development promises to bring over $120 mill in investment funds and 1,000 new jobs to the Jay Peak and Sugarbush area, in the form of hotels and an enormous water treatment plant. Lets just hope they don’t go cheap on us here and forget about the long-time summer ski area tradition known as the alpine slide!

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