Summer Ski Trip – Wish List. Portillo, Chile.

During a recent heart-to-heart, with newly named “Hanover Hunkster” and slope-side fashionista (our CFO), we agreed that the 2009-2010 season left us wishing for more. And with the season just about officially over (A-Basin and various Tahoe area resorts excluded), and on the heals of that concerning conversations, I got to thinking… Let’s say that by the grace of the ski gods we were given the summer off, with no work, no school, and no worries… how would we make good on our sub-par season past?

SKI CHILE! Or otherwise known simply as Portillo. Portillo is about 100 miles away from Santiago and its season starts in just a few short weeks. Ranging roughly from mid-June to early October the ski season at Portillo would be the perfect fit for our summer get away. While there are many interesting aspects to Portillo, one thing I was particularly struck by, was the mountain’s 450 skier per day limit… Ok, seriously, it would shock me if Killington had a 450 skier per bathroom limit, let alone any kind of “governor” on the number of skiers it allows on the slopes. (Personally I’d like to call a vote to limit the number of NY license plates in the parking lot to just 450. Baby steps) Weekly rates at Portillo range from $1490-2690, Saturday to Saturday for double occupancy, with the rates based on “low,” “regular,” and “high” season dates. Low season – June 19-26, Regular season – June 26-July 10, and High season from July 10-July 31. With peaks reaching over 10,000ft snow expectations are (based on 2009) around 320 inches annually, which is exactly what Breck recorded in 2009, with a base of approximately 34 inches.

All that being said, I think the hang up here is the cost of travel, the 15hr flight, in early to mid July is in the $1400 range (based on Kayak). Add that to the $700 per week, per head, cost of very modest lodging and we’re talkin big bucks. I know that breakfast is included in most hotel packages, and the cost of daily lift tickets, which I’m not sure if they are included in hotel cost, is a refreshing $31.00.

So there it is. Most of it anyway. For around $2500, keep in mind I have no local knowledge to shave that down, we can ski Chille. If anybody is interested in granting our summer wish of a getaway to Chille, please contact us at Thats an open line, so don’t worry about it getting jammed with traffic. All donations will be accepted and put to good use. Thank you.

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2 comments on “Summer Ski Trip – Wish List. Portillo, Chile.
  1. Hello ApresSki
    thanks for the note and looking forward seeing you at Portillo this season! we already received our first storm, and now we are waiting for some extra pow.
    Constanza Moya
    Marketing Director
    Ski Portillo

  2. PowderQuest says:

    Hope you can make it down. Portillo is amazing. Since you are on a budget, try to go in August, generally cheaper flights and hotel packages. Portillo packages include meals, lift tickets and lodging. So, once you arrive to Chile all you need to budget for is your transfer to Portillo (about 2 hour drive each way) and drinks during your stay.

    Have fun!

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