Legal counsel advises Jackson

For second year in a row, ApresSki has teamed up with the Sippican Yacht Club, and more specifically legal counsel Wess T. M for a massive trip out west. This year, for legal reasons, Mr. Mess advised the group head out to Jackson Hole, which is located in north west Wyoming, conveniently about a state away from last years location of Breckenridge. (Apparently Colorado is still a bit hot for this group to return) For many, this will be another visit to a magical western town, and for others it will be someplace new to make some magic happen. Snow fall at the moment has been quiet after an impressive season post Christmas, so we’re hoping for something nice over the next week or so to soften up and add to the 72″ base. One thing is a for sure however, and that is that with a group of over 20 apres nuts, there will be plenty of fun had. With mare than 10 rooms booked and flights arriving from all over the U.S loaded with disciples, look for live updates, video footage, and pictures from the Jackson and Grand Teton.

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One comment on “Legal counsel advises Jackson
  1. wesquire says:

    Forecast is snow for the next 3 days. Fuck yeah!

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