I just learned from David Brooks’ Op-Ed piece in the New York Times that Norway took home 9 gold medals (a country of 4.7 million people, 0.4 million square km, and GDP of approximately $257 billion) COMPARED to the United States, also claiming 9 gold medals (a country of 308 million people, 9.8 million square km, and GDP of $14.4 trillion).  Now isn’t that just amazing?!  Ok, yes, we know that Norwegian’s are good cross-country skiers… lots of snow, part of the culture, kids cross-country to school in the winter, etc, etc… but STILL!  How do they do it?!  Just so I don’t have to completely plagiarize, PLEASE read David’s piece, which is very interesting.

From all of us here at Apres, congrats to Norway, the most decorated country of the winter olympics!


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