Thunderbolt Downhill – Mt. Greylock, MA

Thanks to the SkiEO over at for bringing this event to our attention. Talk about New England tradish, this even once hosted a team entered by the Nazi’s! Not that we are celebrating Nazi Germany by any means, but as a reference point, I’d say this thing’s legit. Mt. Greylock in, western MA, is home to one of New England’s many lost or otherwise closed ski locations, which to the credit of the competitors, locals, and ski enthusiasts, has managed to carry on this race for now 75 years. As mentioned in the article posted by, while the rest of the world will be focused on the Olympics (rightfully so) or “cowbell wackers,” great line, a small group of Thunderbolt loyalists will be concentrated on navigating this radical run on Feb 20th, as they have done for decades.


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