Apres “Weighs in” on a Holiday Must

Known for his attempt to start the “Bull Moose Party of 1912” and “Cowboy” persona (maybe being the 26th president of the United States as well), Teddy Roosevelt started something even cooler than the Bull Moose party that luckily for children all across America is still  thriving today. Check out the article at Apres Weighs in.

Oh, and if your wondering how Teddy Roosevelt found his way into a post here at Apres Ski, please re-read the first sentence, which inlcuded the pharse “Bull Moose Party” and “Cowboy” persona. Yeah, exactly. Check it out.


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One comment on “Apres “Weighs in” on a Holiday Must
  1. Mamasita says:

    How about New Hampshire??

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