Cash Savings at Vail

Great news coming out of Vail recently when the mountain announced that it will be catering to the tough economic times that skier will face in the upcoming season by not raising burger prices and offering a value meal. Vail will be offering a value meal (lunch) at all on mountain eateries for the low price of just 10 bucks and specifically making improvements to the mountain’s already popular burger, while not raising the price. Granted this reporter failed to find the actual cost of the burger, probably because when skiing at Vail I starve myself to so NOT to break the bank on food (and to leave whats left after the lift ticket for Apres), but I guess this is a good sign. To read more about this stellar and innovative tactic check out this article at  Transworld. Oh, and also, for all you familiar with our world famous “Snow Bunny of the Week” feature, the burger enthusiast featured above unfortunately did not make the cut.


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