Breaking News: Hermann Maier Retires

Hermann Maier Showing Us How Its Done - He Will Be Missed

Hermann Maier Showing Us How Its Done - He Will Be Missed

Hermann Maier, two time Olympic Champion, has retired from competitive skiing.  Maier is an absolute savage, and we here at Apres would like to salute him for his storied career.  We have been in awe of Maier since February 1997, when he won a  WC Super G  a month after breaking his hand in a downhill crash at Chamonix.  In the 1998 Winter Olympics he won two gold medals only a few days after a horrendous crash in downhill – firmly cementing his “go big or go home” reputation.   Unbelievably, neither was his greatest comeback.  That came in 2003, when he won the treacherous Kitzbühel Super-G after nearly losing his leg in a motorcycle accident 2 years earlier.  Clearly, he is a legend who would not be stopped by anything.

Maier’s retirement will be felt throughout the competitive skiing community, and we can only hope that he attacks the Apres scene as hard as the downhill now that he is done racing.

[Editor’s note: Who wore the baby blue Lange’s first – The Hermanator or our very own Chief Fashion Officer?  We may never have the answer, but we do know that both living legends wear them well…]

-Apres Staff

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