Apres history witnessed on summer wedding circuit

Although this has been a relatively quiet summer content wise, we assure you that we are merely collecting our selves for our best winter yet. And by collecting ourselves I mainly mean crushing the Apres summer wedding circuit. One notable wedding, sorry ladies, was our very first “snow stud of the week,” which brought Apres’ inner circle up to Ottawa for some great fun, blatantly Canadian fashion, and delicious putine. (putine, if I’m even spelling that correctly is a dish consisting of fries, gravy, cheese, salt, sometimes ketchup, and more gravy that may actually be more Canadian than frosted tips) Not to say that the other weddings we attended were not as memorable, in fact I’m remembering, or trying to, one right now, which included Apres Alaskan counsel Strokes. And more specifically a similarity that hit me like a blue cheese stuffed olive somewhere between Jesse’s Girl and Escape. What I realized is just how wrapped up in Apres culture we all are.  At said juncture, I realized that what I was witnessing on the dance floor was no accident, in fact it was history repeating its self right in front of my eyes. This is what I saw….

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