Make the Right Footwear Choice

ScaryFurryBootsApres is a very special part of the day.  After getting up at 7:30 to a quick breakfast, driving to the mountain, a long day of leg-burners, sun in the face, powder turns (if lucky), and generally a very “happy-exhausted” feeling… it’s at this moment that you are finally “invited” to walk in to a local pouring establishment to kick up your feet, enjoy an ice cold beer with a few buddies, make some new friends, and regail each other with that increasingly sweet cliff drop, wipe-out, and activities fromLange boot the night before.

Sinking in to those ski- boots as they slowly become a pair of slippers as the late-afternoon wears on has always been one of my favorite parts.  You may ask yourself “How on earth could a pair of cold, tight, painful ski boots actually feel great??” … they can… true story… it takes time and determination… and it’s amazing.  In fact, I enjoy the feeling so much that I get a little bit offended when we are en route and some says “oh, hold on a sec, i am just going to change in to a pair of shoes” – WRONG ANSWER!  A) I am not going to wait, B) I may make a point of buying the first round and excluding you from the order, and C) you are only cheating yourself, as you look completely ridiculous.

… please, be true to apres and understand that one of the most important choices you can make in a day at the mountain, is in your footwear.


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