Tour De France Races through Pyrenees


Outside of ski season, July is one of my favorite times of the year for exotic outdoor adventure sports… the Tour.  Watching these elite athletes pound through the foothills and then up in to the Pyrenees with as many as 5 hill climbs in a single day, is pretty amazing!  It’s fun to watch the locals come out in flocks with their picnics and families, to watch the riders whiz by, while they run along cheering.  Interestingly, the tour passes through a few ski-towns this time around, which is evidenced by the riders passing under chair lifts…. oh, and by the spectators running on the side of the road in bikini’s and ski boots… sure enough.  Unfortunately, the Apres reporter covering the event exposed that particular role of film, so until next year, we are out-of-luck from a visual standpoint.  Sorry gang.


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