Refresher Course: Après-ski (English: after skiing)

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Après-ski (English: after skiing) refers to going out, having drinks, dancing, and generally socializing after skiing. It is popular in the Alps. This can also happen anywhere in the world where there is snow. where skiers often stop at bars on their last run of the day while still wearing all their ski gear. The concept is similar to the nineteenth hole in golf

“Since ski season is now over, I interpret the “after” in this definition as “after the season.” Now the nineteenth hole part is something we are very familiar with. In fact our CFA (Chief Financial Adviser JD) who is in England doing a two year exchange with a sister site and investigating possible business opportunities for us over seas, is (not) a tremendous slouch himself on the course. Also it has been reported that Apres co-founder Duncan was last seen a few weeks ago somewhere north of San Fran bobbing and weaving at or around a nineteeth hole. Glad to hear your alive Duncan.”

In the United States, the term is used more broadly to describe the atmosphere of ski resorts and ski culture, ski themed architecture and decor and the ski oriented lifestyle in general.

“This part of the definition is clearly where we come in… ATMOSPHERE, CULTURE, THEME (like theme parties,) and LIFESTYLE. Apres was recently proudly represented at Figawi where the site’s yacht finished atop its class finishing over 60 beers during the race… We also took first place within our race class. Many of the Apres regulars were in attendance and we were happy to see a lot of the same people we cought up with a few short months ago in Breck (picture above taken on Breck trip.) Two fine traditions that are the very foundation the www.ApresSki.Us culture was built upon.”

In French, après-ski merely refers to the comfortable boots worn after removing (uncomfortable) ski boots[1].

“I was going to delete this part but I think its worth noting that all the French could contribute here are fluffy boots…”


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