Reader Submitted Hot Dog Nostalgia

Its has become clear to us from all our research here at Apres and from reader’s submissions  like this one, that Hot Dogging was a legitimate revolution amongst North American and world sporting events. Reader Brian even offers up some of his own nostalgia in response to what seems to have become the Wayne Wong internet hang out here ApresSki.US.

“Nice to see Toni Sailor alums and instructors on this thread! Those summers (’78-’82) hold great memories. I always hoped there could have been some type of reunion and I’ve lost touch with everyone but a friend from Vancouver. I’ve started a group on face book. Hope more will join. I have a handfull of pics (not posted) including Greg, Floyd, and Wayne. Wayne Wong and the dream of doing a front flip was the reason I ventured from MI as a Jr. High kid to attend camp. Hot Doggin’ was all I thought about since I first saw it at Cannonsburg Ski area around 1972. Wayne was such a nice guy and I appreciate the time he took to advance my skiing. I remember the thrill of him skiing/coaching me down the moguls thinking this is the guy on the poster in bedroom and we’re bashing moguls together. Very generous, down to earth guy considering his celebrity status. Floyd quickly became a mentor and I remember his encouragement and guidance coaching me for my first front flip and all the time I spent hanging out and doing aeriels at his station at the jumps. Greg, I remember trying a session of racing and you playfully giving me a hard time being a hot dogger. Often had to throw a tip roll at the bottom of a run to show my alliance to the “doggers.” I sure do miss those days and would love to reconnect. Greg (if you are still following this thread) I don’t know if you would remember me but I’d like you to know and thank you guys for making it an amazing experience for a bunch of kids those early summer days on the glacier. Please pass on a hi and thank you to Floyd and Wayne if you get the chance. I’d sure like to take another run down the glacier with you guys.”

-Submitted by reader Brian

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