Early word is that CFO is making ACL surgery recovery look good!


But really does that surprise anybody? A fairly clear yet noticeably subdued CFO called into the the office today from the comfort of his country home after successful ACL repairing surgery. No real surprises for the CFO he reports, however when calling in to check on how the surgery was going, his mother was very surprised! It seems that in the background of the call MoCFO (Mom of CFO) made to the nurse to check on the progress of the surgery, CFO himself, in true fashion was singing and chatting up the nurses. (no word on how that played out as CFO was completely unconscious)  Hey, we all respond differently. Glad to hear our chief is recovering well. Please send all well wishes, flowers, baked goods, signed skies, permotional idems to be endorsed, pictures to be signed, first born, poetry, scented nonsense, personal success stories, books, screen plays and girlfriends to ApresSki13@gmail.com and we will personally see that our fashionista get everything passes along.

P.S – This may be but probably definitely isn’t actually the CFO.


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