Steaming into the sunset…


Like the Midnight Express, Colorado’s Ski Train has been almost magically transporting skiers of all ages from Denver to Winter Park since the 1940’s. Largely popular with skiers under the legal age to drive or just for anybody looking to truly experience what generations of skiers before us considered a  real “ski weekend,” we are saddened to report that financial turmoil and steady decline in business has brought an end to an ear. We are accustomed to making light of just about everything we talk about here, but this one hurts. If you really want to break it down what could be better? A scenic ride through the mountains skiers from all corners of the earth come to ski enjoying a book, conversation, or even an apres beverage or two, there will seemingly be no substitute for this experience. This season has been marked by financial cut backs as highlighted here in our early season report uncovering the devastating move at Killington to do away with the free wings at apres. The Ski Train obviously takes this to a much higher level, but both hurt.  We will keep a close eye on this story and if there is any action we can recommend for our voices to be heard in opposition to this move  we will pass them along. Unfortunately I was not able to experience this right of passage but would very much love to hear from the thousands that have. To read more check out this link to the Denver Skiing Examiner who shares in our disappointment.



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