Wayne Wong makes headlines again.


In a very well done piece by Craig McNiel of the Rocky Mountain News, Wong along with fellow hot doggin bad boy John Clendenin are profiled and asked to reflect on the evolution of the sport of freestyle skiing which they helped (arguably single handily) create. The title of the article says it all  “SKI SCHOOL: Freestyle skiing no longer so free”. The writer along with his son spend a day skiing  along side the two legends asking questions and I’m sure having the day of their lives. So check out the article linked above. Furthermore in response to all the Wayne Wong chatter we’ve received here at Apres, we will do our best to keep all you “Wong’ers” up to date with news and thoughts surrounding the legend.


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3 comments on “Wayne Wong makes headlines again.
  1. I am looking for images of Wayne Wong to sell on my website. Also, Spider Sabich and other skier from the 60’s and 70’s.

    Thank you,

    Richard Allen

  2. Bruce Duncan says:

    Ciao Wayne and John,

    John, now that the SIA show is over, as well as the XGames, it would be good to get together with you and develop your own line of skis/snowboards for your ski school in Aspen. Plus, it would be good to see you again. Chris Tribble with Versatile Productions in Aspen CO. is my new business partner and a great addition to our team. It would be great to work with and help promote skiing and your ski school! We are launching our “Global” private label program! Give me a call: Bruce Duncan: Varitech: 415-759-5500

  3. Bruce Duncan says:

    John, do you still see Wayne? I haven’t seem Wayne in 20 years and it’s been about the same length of time since I bumped into you at the SIA shows. I hope all is well with both of you and I’m glad you’re still involved in teaching! You are a great instructor!

    Best regards, Bruce Duncan
    CEO: Varitech Extreme Sports

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