Like Brady CFO feels confident

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Lets face it. The similarities here far out weigh the differences. CFO and New England Patriot superstar Tom Brady are cut from the same mold, two peas from the same pod. Both men are international icons, top talents in their respective sport, wildly successful off the “field”, each has landed major endorsement deals, both date/married super models,  and although CFO has no kids to speak of, like Brady he is very “active” in the community. And now, as fate would have it, each man’s career rest on his ability to deflect annoying reporters, remain confident and come back from a serious injury. The similarities continue. Brady went down on the opening drive of the 2008/2009 season on a sparkling day South of Boston, MA, CFO went down on the opening run of a blue bird day at Keystone. CFO skied the rest of the day on a completely blown ACL, Brady carried himself off the field under his own power showing no pain. And both injuries occurred of course with millions of fans saying, “oh god no.” In response to their injuries Tom Brady was quoted as saying, well nothing really, thats just the Patriots style, but CFO was a bit more outspoken. When asked to comment on his status the morning following his injury he responded with whiskey on his breath, “yeah, I’m pretty banged up right now I went big yesterday, but what do you expect? Wait are you asking about my knee? Oh right, well I ski hard and take chances, that’s pretty much how I live my life ya know. I’ll be back though, you can pencil me in for opening day next season, that’s an effing promise, now get out of my face!”
Moving forward both took and are planning on taking the opportunity of being away from their sport to focus on other things. Brady did some modeling, started a family, got married blah blah blah, and did some more modeling.  CFO plans to strengthen his knee, fishing portfolio and hair growth while also doing some modeling. Brady modeled for the likes of Stetson and CFO has offers from the likes of Paul Bond (Custom Western Footwear,) Patagonia, and Orvis. All things considered, its hard to mention one man without the other. One thing we can be sure of though, we have not heard the last from either superstar.

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