Where have all the cowboys gone?


It is with great sorrow that I write about a most troubling experience that occurred just over a week ago in the Western Ski town of Breckenridge CO. I’ll leave the name of the establishment out of this, partly because I don’t remember it but mainly because I hope we can all just learn from this and move forward. So just over a week ago after a great day of skiing we found ourselves in a Breck watering hole with nothing but the highest expectations for an enjoyable evening when we stumbled across the jukebox. Our hope only grew when we scrolled through the library to find some of our favorite country songs. We immediately stuffed $5 into the machine and went to work. The play list doesn’t really matter but I can tell you it was good, real good. In my opinion any play list that leads off with “Hillbilly Deluxe,” is nothing short of just that, deluxe! Needless to say the 17 year old bartender did not agree. He hurtled the bar and faster than Wess T.M cannonballed the hot tub and within seconds of our masterpieces debut, it was gone. Trumped by something I wasn’t even familiar with, we were crushed and left with no other choice. We kicked up our heels and moved on. Its sad to think that in a town that is historically known for its ties to western culture something like this could have happened. Anyway, its impossible to say that this wasn’t just a hipster with extra tips to burn rebelling against something he was afraid of, but in the future I’d like to think we can avoid situations like this one with a little understanding and willingness to try something new. Anyway, PLEASE VOTE, and send us back to the land of beer and honey so that we can continue our crusade towards apres immortality.


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