12 days and counting

We officially have 12 days including 10 work days until Friday April 3rd. To some of you who have been with us from the start you might catch on after a few seconds to what the significance of the first weekend in April is. For everybody else, your about to learn about something special. The first weekend in April is known at the A-Basin “beach”, as the “thrift store party.” If you search our site you will see that this is not the first time we have mentioned this epic event nor drooled over it. I also don’t really use the word “epic” unless there is something huge happening. Exactly what is going on, is that after spending 4 days in Colorado just under a week ago, a group of Apres execs are throwing caution to the wind and considering an emergency trip back to the “Sunshine State, GORGEOUS” to participate in this year’s thrift store party. With so many great memories from our last appearance at the event we’re having a hard time saying no. Below is a video we found on youtube that barely scratches the surface of what this party is all about, but will give you some idea of what we’re talking about.

As our readers and our friends we need your advice…… Pull the trigger on the trip or not?? Please vote and send along your thoughts as this may come down to the last hour.

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