If I had one wish, it would probably have something to do with “Ghost Riding”…

Clearly I didn’t just come up with this idea on my own so let me explain. While enjoying a frosty beverage during a recent apres outing an extremely intriguing conversation arose between myself, CFO, Petite, Colorado Apres rep Ryan, and a dude CFO proclaimed he wants to be like when he gets older, the 25 year old Marcelle. In Colorado the terrain is so wide open and there is so much of it that at times some of the best skiing is out of bounds or just somewhere out there. Locals like Ryan and Marcelle take advantage of this terrain using a Ski-Doo, pronounce “Skih-dew” and a technique called “ghost riding.” Definition: “Ghost-riding, frequently used in the context of “ghost-riding the whip” (a “whip” being a vehicle) or simply ghostin’, is when a person puts the car in drive or allows it to idle…” In this case the car or “whip” is a $7,000 snow mobile which was formerly ridin in the X-Games, on which Ryan and Marcelle ride to the top of their desired terrain, idle and send for a ride. Seriously. If this is not the sickest thing you’ve ever heard then perhaps our interests are very different, but I think I may have found my calling. Now all I need is a sled, some sweet facial hair, and the ability to recklessly send a hefty bonus into oblivion. Check out this video and be prepared find your calling.


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