Breck serves up a gem

This will be the first in a series of posts stemming from a memorable trip this past week to Breck. A group of around 27 people ascended on Breck over the past week.  The crowd including Apres execs, fanatics, legal counsel and new comers alike for some really good skiing, even better weather and deadly (nearly) apres. Spirits were at an all time high and beds at an all time low making for an all around great time. Without spilling some of the crazy content to come, highlights included; The lake chutes, fighter jet fly byes, stitches, cowboy boots, mustaches, gear pick ups, crashes and young love (its hard not to fall for an Australian accent).


So to kick things off I thought it would be appropriate to hand out some awards:

Best crash: (On slope) goes to Pike who demolished the lake chutes and then himself making the first 10 turns look pretty and then the last 1 or 200 yards look like a gymnastics routine gone wrong. (Off slope) goes to Fred’s roommate who handled the hot tub well but the traverse to the pool not so well resulting in a few stitches to the back of her dome piece.

Best facial hair:goes to CFO BTime who joined in the age old tradition of mustache March (more to come) dawning a handsome stache which complimented his baby blues (boots of course) nicely and his cowboy boots even better.

Best Apres Performance: while there were many to chose from it has to go to Apres legal counsel Wess T. M, who after conquering the lake chutes in true savage fashion skied directly to the bar and conquered the men’s room in even tougher fashion with his lunch of a turkey leg, double cheese burger, snickers bar and 3 wine spritzers (he’s on a diet, hence the spritzers.)

Best Terrain: no question has to go to the few brave souls (o.k there we two of us including myself and CFO) who conquered the terrain locals refer to as “the sh*t” which included the head-wall shown above to the far skiers right of the lake chutes. So epic that we got a fly bye from three f-15’s. Which sounds cool but is actually terrifying when you have already considered the possibility of a certain death.

Best no show: has to go to the 15 of the 27 attendees who I couldn’t identify if I had to…

Best hot tub performance:goes directly to Apres bad boy Chuck who threw a, cannonball cannonball comin, into a hot tub the size of my grandmother bidet.

Best sleeping arrangements:go to room 858 which included 3 un-named individuals who went 3 deep on a cot leaving the king size bed for gear layout.

Worst smell: to our Colombian waiter who was wearing woman’s perfume

Best statement:clearly goes to the group who walked out of a local watering hole after their 10 dollars worth of country ballads were trumped by the bartender’s choice of Pink and DMX

Best call: goes to CFO after he was cleaned out by a jeans wearing novice when he said, “sweet life, maybe you should try living it with your eyes open chief!”

As I am still very much beat up from such a great trip and a flight that landed at the crack of 2am I am going to leave the specifics to come. In the mean time if anybody finds my hip flexor, CFO’s MCL or a strapping young Aussie who could charm the pants off David Frost please contact us at


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