Comin at you live

That’s right we’re live in Denver. After a solid flight I’m currently waiting for CFO BTime to arrive (fashionably late) at the Boulder Beer Tap House. There seemed to be a group of highschoolers on the flight, Ive never seen so many pairs of Uggs in one place. None the less the only glitch to this point was having to take my cowboy boots off at security, I kind of thought you got a free pass when dawning such sweet foot wear. Apparently you don’t. I’ll check back in soon, maybe real soon as we have a 2 hour drive ahead, may be a bit more than 2 hours actually, not sure how Hondy Accents handle at altitude. One more thing I crushed two things on the plane,,, a few bevo’s and the Zach Brown Band, both very hot right now.

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