Global Warming… even in California

chamois3I made the last minute decision to stay in California for the weekend (after working in San Francisco on Friday) and drove to Squaw Valley with my girlfriend and two of her friends. Expecting fairly wintery conditions up at altitude, I was shocked to find a beautiful Saturday with a high of 49 deg! Literally, shedding almost every winter layer, I skied most of the day in a tee-shirt, vest, and shades. Sunday, of course, also 49 out, it was pouring rain, and after 2 wet runs (had already bought a 2-day pass, so felt obligated), we called it a day. High-40’s in late February is just weird… really weird.squaw-2009

Despite the mixed conditions, the apres scene at Chamois was as good as I have ever seen it. After a few pitchers of bud-heav; meeting some new friends; and taking in the afternoon sun, I was a happy man.

Long story short, don’t count on late-late season skiing at Squaw, but if you are going strictly for the apres (you know… wake up at noon, get lunch, then change in to your ski boots/gear to go to the bar), then you are in luck!


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