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img_2123Recently Apres had the chance to spend several days living it up at Aspen Snowmass while visiting some legendary East coast shredders and one International Sand Dune tackler (all of which have a healthy appreciation for apres).  For those that aren’t aware, there are actually 4 mountains in the Aspen area (hence, their slogan “The Power of Four”).  There is Buttermilk, where the X games are held, Aspen Highlands, Snowmass, and Aspen, also called Ajax.  All four mountains offer very different terrain, Buttermilk being the family friendly mountain, Aspen being very challenging, and Snowmass, as the biggest, having the most variety.
We spent most of the time at Snowmass, doing laps on Big Burn, Sheer Bliss, and High Alpine.  Though they hadn’t had much fresh snow in the weeks leading up to our arrival, we got from a foot to 16 inches of fresh snow in the first 3 days we were out there, making Hang on Halvins and AMF amazing.  And throughout the week there was still plenty of stashes to find in Baby Ruth, Glades 1, 2, 3, and the rest of the Hanging Valley Wall.
And after ripping around the mountain all day long, there are plenty of places to grab a cocktail – a local favorite being The Mountain Dragon, a great place to play pool, foos, down some pitchers, and kill some UFOs (unidentified fried objects – compliments of Cal).  And in Aspen Little Annie’s can’t be beat with their deals (a pitcher and 5 shots for $13? UNSTOPPABLE!).
Thanks to Cal, Monica, Fouts, Kater, Bethany, and the patrol crew at Snowmass for showing me and Lil’ Lisa the ropes around the mountain around the watering holes.



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  1. Matt says:

    gayest post I’ve read on any blog. get some good material

  2. apresski says:

    Creative feedback Matt… Check out the post on big feet. Probably right up your ally.

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