Apres loves a good “Double Diamond”

the-fresh-basilConsultant for Double Diamond Deals and Apres friend, Charlie wrote to Apres recently asking us if we could shout out some updates to his Double Diamond Deals site and ad a few words on his behalf. Charlie, we’d love to. Double Diamond Deals as Charlie explains, is anchored around the phrase “Snowboarding Gear” which the site offers tons of. Double Diamond Deals also has a great selection of jackets, goggles, sun glasses, pants, cloths and boards for both skiers and snowboarders alike, featuring as many major brands as we can think of. This site has a great local feel to it which is right up our ally. Check out “The Stash” which is clearly marked at the top of the page to easily select whatever equipment or brand your in the market for and shop away. We can’t promise any special treatment but let’m know Apres sent you, ya never know.


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