Report from Ski Town USA, Part 1


The Slopeside Bar & Grill Played for Keeps

The Slopeside Bar & Grill Played for Keeps

Last week an emerging fashion situation had me traveling on short notice out to Steamboat Springs, Co.  The life of the CFO is never easy, but in this case I was happy to oblige.  When the First Lady of Fashion and I arrived there was a very deep base, but little fresh snow.  The first several days were 40 degrees and sunny, and the tanning was excellent (the perk about skiing out west that no one is talking about).  Chutes 1, 2 and 3 all had good cover, with 2 & 3 skiing the best for the week.  Other spots to hit: the Shadows, the glades around the Priest Creek lift line, and the Bar UE lift line.   Post skiing, the Slopeside Bar & Grill built an ice bar, and each day we would post up there at 5 o’clock (somewhere) to begin the Apres.   The Bud Diesels were flowing like wine, and the live music was sick.  My vote for best Apres on the Mountain?  Definitely, but read Part 2 of this post to find my thoughts on the best Apres / All Night Bar in the Town.  Let’s just say the Mardi Gras Party that this place threw was the stuff of legends…


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