A classic couple

This Apres lifer who we will refer to as….. Jason, is sporting a classy yet sporty look. The way I see it Jason’s attire says, “yeah, I acid washed these beauties myself, what of it?!” along with, “Baby, I’m two gator’s away from Apres, let’s do this!” Yes Jason, let’s do this!


Thanks to Jason’s wonderful wife for passing along this timeless photo. (O.K, honestly I stole it off her facebook page) Also, a big thanks to Apres legal consul Wess T.M for having  Jason’s wife’s point the picture out to me. (Untill now she had no idea why she was drawing this picture to my attention) And one last big thanks,, thanks to me, for drawing our attention to this classic picture of Jason’s wife, whats fair is fair!



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