Line Managment

This weekend I made it up to Waterville Valley with the newest member of the Apres community who, after about half an hour on the slopes, was given the nickname “Green Light.” The nickname “Green Light” refers both to her “greenness” on the mountain and more importantly to her complete disregard for any suggestion what so ever of keeping her speed under control. While old Green Light was earning her nickname in a lesson I took a few runs on my own. It was after my first run when I witnessed the single most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in a lift line. I was at the front of one of the two very long singles lines watching in complete awe of the H.L.I.C, (head liftie in charge) Butch, at work when out of the corner of my eye I see some yahoo cut line and join a group of 3, paying no homage to Butch. Lets not bull crap each other here, this happens a lot, and nobody ever does a thing about it… but not Saturday Feb. 21st 2009, not on Butch’s watch.  We all watched in total amazement as the handle bar mustache wearing specimen of a man sprinted from one end of lines where he was directing traffic to the other end of lines where the infraction occurred, horse collared the disrespectful piece of garbage who broke Butch’s rules, and escorted him back to his proper place in line. Folks, we kid around about line management and how some of us are better at it than others, but I assure you if there were some kind of rehab or development program for line management, it would be taught by Butch. Butch, we solute you!


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