Total “Savage”


As promised Lindsey Vonn is on our radar. Unfortunately this update has Vonn announcing that she WILL ski in the upcoming world Championships. The unfortunate part is that Vonn suffered a laceration of her right thumb tendon and her ability to ski was in serious question. O.k, so she hurt herself… brutal crash maybe, perhaps she pulled something during one of her legendary workouts, an equipment malfunction… no. Vonn lacerated her thumb on champagne bottle! Does it get any better really for the sake of our interest? This is clearly an apres injury elevating Vonn’s status here at to total “Savage.” Savage because of the injury and savage because she was quoted as saying, “I’m a ski racer. I’m not going to just not do anything because I’ve cut my thumb. I’m going to do the best I can for the rest of the season.”


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