“first time on the lift pal?”

Now keep in mind, your not going to win anything here, such as a date with the lovely ski chick below, but you may get a laugh. Searching around for content this video conjured up memories of a pretty sick weekend spent up at Killington (or maybe Mt. Bro, I mean Snow) during which one of our site’s founding father’s…… probably not the one writing this….. had issues loading a chair lift. I have to note this person is an expert skier to say the least both in technique and style who just happened to be having a foggy morning. Clearly the clip below is some jerk who probably is riding a lift for the first time and may be an over exaggeration of what happened up at Killington. What is not an exaggeration however, is the eruption of profanity launched by the Apres party in question at the totally cooked liftie who harmlessly tried to assist.

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