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It blows my mind that we have not highlighted Lindsey Vonn on this page until now. Actually I’m shocked that we don’t have a “Lindsey Vonn Picture of the Week,” page.  Her accomplishments rage from winning the US Olympic Spirit award after competing the day she was released from the hospital on a hip injury that landed her a helicopter trip to and an overnight stay in the hospital durring the 2006 games to  winning the overall word championships in 2008 to being nominated for the 2008 “female althelete of the year” at the ESPY’S. Vonn is bringing attention to the sport of ski racing which larely gets little or any publicity in the U.S. Unlike teenage female tennis sensations that have sold out on their sport because of the fame their looks and short term success has brought them (and get tons of publicity), Vonn’s focus is right where it has always been, on the course.  Vonn made her debute at the World Cup at the early age of 16 which, based on her success to that point is impressive but seeminly appropriate, and has never looked back. With Bodie being really the only widely known name in the sport I think its clear that Lindsey Vonn is aproaching Bodie status. With the Olympic games only a short year away and Vonn’s most recent Super G win coming as recently as Febuary 1st, be sure that we will keep our eyes on Lindsey Vonn! Lindsey’s web site.



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