Jackson Hole


My first trip… a total treat.  Jackson needs to be considered one of the top mountains in the United States for anyone who loves to ski.  I was lucky enough to get an invitation from a local to spend the weekend with him… and 15 of our friends.  A few points of interest.

1. Teton National Park is one of the most spectacular habitats for rare wildlife left in the country.  My host, interestingly enough, winter’s smack in the middle of the Elk Refuge, which is packed with Elk, Mountain Sheep, and Buffalo.  Yes, that’s REAL buffalo!  Not like the kind that you eat at apres with a few pints…  In fact, I woke up at about 7 am on the first day of skiing to find that everyone else was still sleeping, and a small flock of buffalo had congregated about 5 feet from the house.  When I opened the door to start the car I had quite a scare!


2. Terrain.  The Teton’s jet ferociously out of the plains; they do a great job of illustrating the earth’s natural convergence of plates and the results… very wild rock formations.  In addition to the steep stuff, there are some beautiful sun-facing groomers that you can tear down if the trees are too skied out.  Interestingly, the terrain is part of the reason for the founding of Teton Gravity Research, which comes out with a killer new extreme skiing movie every year… much of which is filmed at Jackson!


3. Apres.  Of course, it didn’t disappoint.  The 4-Seasons at the base is a great place to start; the deck gets great afternoon sun and if you can find a few Adirondack chairs and a fire pit, the waitress will take care of you.  As the sun pokes below the peak, its off the Mangy Moose, which you can actually ski to; filled with wildlife on the walls, this place really screams apres!  Pints, shots, nachos, etc, etc.

Get to Jackson if you can; you wont be disappointed!


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