IPod plays a totally new tune…


Last week, we learned of a highly unusual case that sparked our interest. Please keep in mind that voices here at Apres have “weighed in” strongly opposing listening to music while operating on the mountain. We may have overlooked the value of an IPod in life or death situation. It seems that amidst heavy snow conditions last week a snowboarder was separated from his group, leaving him stranded in the New Mexico mountains.  After a frigid night and full day alone and lost the snowboarder was preparing for another cold night when he caught the attention of a search and rescue helicopter by waving his IPod in the air with the screen illuminated. Full Article

So, seriously, this kid’s life was arguably saved by his IPod. I sit here frankly astonished, that I overlooked  “night time helicopter alerter and life saving device”, as two possible “pros” for IPods on the mountain. My bad I guess…


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