Small Massachusetts mountains think big towards a greener future.


With energy cost rising, environmental focus shifting, and small mountains dropping like flies it is refreshing to see small mountains such as Jiminy Peak and Berkshire East leading the way in thinking outside of the box to survive. Receiving grants of around $400,000 from the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust wind turbines will be constructed to cover what is estimated to be 33% of the resorts annual energy costs. The turbines are part of a reported 3.2 million dollar project lead by the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust. As we all know weather patterns across the country have been changing and with the complete unpredictable nature of New England weather to begin with, this project seems to be a sparkling idea. Just think, if 1 turbine can account for 33% of a smaller resorts energy costs, what could 5 or 6 do for larger resorts… We have reported that the cost for average skiers not to mention families are rising rapidly and hopefully this progressive approach to powering the future will pay off for everybody. To read more check out this article highlighting the particulars of this deal and just how nicely it may pay off.


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