New hope for Ski Rio, NM


Ski Rio a small resort in New Mexico, who’s last lift ran in 2000, was recently sold for 6.5 million to a group from Naples Florida and the Chech Republic. The deal has been finalized but the resorts future is still largely in question. With an average of 13ft of snow a year, 10 lifts and 1,140 acres Ski Rio seems like a steal at 6.5 million. Locals seem to be used to change as the resort has been in financial term oil since the late 90’s, but what I found very interesting was feedback that a main concern for this primarily agricultural based community is the resorts potential demand for water. Even with 13ft of natural snow a year, snow making would be a vital part of future operation. As mentioned, details around how the new ownership will move forward is still under wraps , especially since neither partner has past experience in Ski real estate.  Ski Rio’s future will hopefully lie somewhere between its history of being a local haven for ski bums and its dozen or so on mountain developed condo/homes. Regardless however, of what end of the spectrum the new ownership chooses to go there is no doubt that the idea of the lifts being cranked up yet again at this small New Mexico resort is uplifting for everybody.


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