Crude Oil


Priced at about $38 /barrel this morning in early trading… which happens to be the lowest it has been since 2003.  Outrageous, don’t you agree?!  In a recession, people tend to cut vacations out of the annual budget before almost anything else, which is a huge blow to the ski industry.  In addition, we are coming off a very strong 2007, when states like Colorado hosted 3,285,649 skiers and snowboarders through the season, up almost 7% from the year before!  Could cheap oil and a deepening recession mean that New Englanders hop into the car for a day of skiing as opposed to flying out west?  Could this be the first spark of hope for struggling New England ski resorts?  Let’s hope so!  Let’s also not forget another great thing about cheap oil; you have a little extra padding in the pocket for fuel at apres.  So enjoy it while it lasts (likely wont be very long); fill that tank and head for Wachusett!


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