It’s, “just the Biz,” baby!

BIZ here with your weekly SHOT!

The way snow is piling up around the States… The coming days have the potential to be a great for Après. (Bring you’re “A” game mates!)

This weekend I will be traveling south and making a stop at TC’s Family Restaurant in West Dover, VT. This place is one of my favorite establishments. I tripped in the door of this place because of its connection to Olympic Gold Medalist Kelly Clark, but it is the atmosphere that keeps me coming back again and again. TC’s, is a family run joint, with a pretty sweet menu, cold drinks and barroom “regulars” that are AWESOME! Tim Clark is the Owner and Cook. (He is a Tequila lover. “Hornitos”) Al, the bartender pours them stiff. Bob is the man that made my pizza. (Thanks Bob) You may also find a couple gentlemen, Ryan (Captain and Coke if your buying) and Keenen (Jack and Ginger) hanging around the bar area. These guys are friendly locals who are in the know (skiing/drinking). They make a couple great Après partners if you need some company.

If you find yourself at Mount Snow this weekend, stop in and say hi to the gang at TC’s. Thursday nights are Half Price Pizza’s and Saturday they have Prime Rib! (WOOOO!)

BIZ will be ordering…

– Mich Lights (5 or 6 of those babies)

– Hornitos tequila (3 or 4 should do it)

– Spicy mussels (Delicious starter)

– Chicken & Italian Sausage Chipotle with roasted red pepper in a spicy alfredo sauce over penne pasta (Can you say “DELICIOUS”?)

– I plan to marinate at the bar. (Mix it up w/ some locals)

Drive (fast, take chances) safely!

Eat, Drink and be SWEET!


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One comment on “It’s, “just the Biz,” baby!
  1. apresski says:

    thanks for the response to my “tags” suggestion.
    anyways i just read biz’s latest post.
    wow, is biz a fifth grader? who wrote this crap?

    “The coming days have the potential to be a great for Après. (Bring
    you’re “A” game mates!)”

    That’s a one spelling mistake and one grammar mistake in the first sentence!

    do you have an editor?

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