BREAKING NEWS – Whistler Gondola snaps stranding 53

A gondola tower snapped in half yesterday at around 2:30pm, stranding 53 skiers and snowboarders in the gondolas. Two gondolas hit the ground, falling from relatively low heights. No one was seriously injured in the accident. An investigation has found that water got inside the joint where the two sections of the tower were connected, and the build up of ice inside the joint cause the structural failure.

This is terrifying. Thank god no one was seriously injured. It’s early season, so there weren’t many people at the resort, otherwise this number could have sky-rocketed from 53 to many, many more. The good news is that the entire resort will undergo a thorough safety inspection.

On the bright side, the Whistler Apres scene contains no lifts or gondolas, and it’s legendary. From Merlin’s, Citta’s, The Garibaldi Lift Company, Dubh Lin Gate, to The Longhorn Saloon, you’re sure to find a place to wet your whistle, all with two feet on the ground.


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