Silver Lining


Silverton Colorado is off to a strong start and with snow in the forecast every day this week, it got us thinking just how possible would a long weekend be at the drop of a hat? Well, a last minute flight to Denver looks to be about $300, one day lift tickets range from $45-100 dollars times lets say 3 days conservatively around $250 for the weekend and a rental car from the airport for the weekend is around $200.  Lodging could be an issue, but with great ski and stay deals you could potentially get tickets and lodging for $300-350, negating the cost of the lift tickets…. all in with a  very conservative apres slush fund of  about $500 and a few good buddies to split the cost….

All in $900!! O.k so I’m not an economist or a travel agent (which we are actively recruiting to add to our full time Apres staff), but looking at the snow report and the picture above, for $900, come on, way too easy… PRICELESS!


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