Hot Toddy, an Apres institution.


This weekend while enjoying wonderful conversation over a few cocktails one of Apres’s leading ladies mentioned while reminiscing about wild apres stories, how she would love a hot toddy. The shifted to the conversation right to exactly what a hot toddy is. Her response was, “I actually have no idea what a hot toddy is, but its obviously warm and it always sounds good, especially in an apres setting.” Honesty is always appreciated and so to clear up our stories we consulted the bar keep. His answer was similar to mine but his alcohol of choice was rum when I said scotch. In investigating I am happy to report that my bar knowledge remains credible Wikipedia defines a hot toddy as:

Hot toddy is a name given to a mixed drink that is served hot, believed to have originated in the 18th century to make the taste of scotch more palatable to women.

They go on to list benefits to this mystical drink which are very interesting… “Hot toddies (such as mulled cider) are traditionally drunk before going to bed, or in wet and cold weather. They were believed to help cure the cold and flu, but the American Lung Association now recommends avoiding treating the common cold with alcoholic beverages as they cause dehydration”

So be sure to avoid that dehydration and try yourself a hot toddy.


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  1. CFO says:

    So what is the real recipe? You should experiment and post the best combinations.


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