Take a shot to warm up. Biz is back!

Hello folks! “Biz” here again with another shot!

How do you take your Après, Sir?Do you take your Après with close friends and a cup of sweet hot chocolate? Maybe you take your Après at Noon alongside a Bunny with cold feet? Perhaps you fancy a shot of Old Granddad and a Bud Heavy. No matter what your potion is, Après can be mixing bowl of good times and adventure if you let it. All you need to do is commit to the experience.

Committing to an epic Après adventure is a fairly easy task. Biz only needs a pat on back to get it started. (Thank the big man!)

Most of you out there in Après land prefer to do it with close friends and or colleagues. Biz is here to tell you that some of the best experiences on record come from getting down at Après with total strangers!

First, park yourself in an initially uncomfortable situation with some food and beverages. Second, buy a drink or two for the most curious of those people around you and watch how fast things get interesting. Next time you blink your spilling beer on the band and taking tequila shots with some tatooed lady named Tasha. Who knows… you may end up signing a few autographs as a professional stock car driver from Thunder Bay or a rodeo king from Moose Jaw! Most importantly, enjoy yourself!

Suggested crowd pleaser: Take one shot of patron, put in 2 drops of hot sauce and drop it in a red bull. (Courtesy of a real “class act”)

Biz’s must haves for Après

Live Music… (Even if it’s a piano)

Wings or Nacho’s

Onion Soup or Chowder (Hot Sauce works in both)

2 Local beer selections (always support the locals)

Patron Silver (no training wheels)

Bud Heavy (Binging is sometimes required and it is still an American Beer)

Stretch Limo (usually a cheap shuttle service)

Après is a great opportunity for adventure!

“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves. Mark Twain

Eat drink and be sweet


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