Poor music line-up has this guy asking “why?”


Actually there are a lot of reasons this dude may be asking “why,” like, why am I wearing tight red pants and white rear entry boots?? But anyway, that’s not the point.

Recently we brought you all the sad news that there are no more free buffalo wings at Apres as a result of the down economy.  An obvious tragedy which got us thinking about what else is going on that may be of interest to our Apres’iacs. The three things that come to mind when I think Apres are 1. Drink 2. Food and 3. Music, and not in that order necessarily. The report on the drinks is that they are still there and cold, or ice cold, if you like Jager. The food, sadly enough, is still there but no longer free. The music however is where we found a significant drop off, maybe even more so than the wing travesty. In the Northeast we look to two of the biggest names in the Apres game, The Pickle Barrel and the Wobbly Barn, for a gauge on just how rockin’ this Apres season is going to be. Although we are huge Wu Tang Clan fans (o.k actually I don’t really think we are) who is coming to the Pickle late in the season, their line-ups are very weak. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, that perhaps the online calendar hasn’t been updated in a while so stay tuned, but it appears, to quote the great musicians Big n Rich, the music scene, like the freebies, may very well “go the way of the buffalo.”

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One comment on “Poor music line-up has this guy asking “why?”
  1. The Wobbly Barn disagrees!

    Poor music line-up??? The best bands from last year, some great new entertainment and a few “hand chosen” national acts will be hitting the Wobbly Barn stage this year including Slick Rick the Ruler on January 10th! (We can’t let you know about some of the other national’s quite yet but they are great!)

    This week Eren Cannata and the Niki Barr Band… Next week Last Kid Picked is back…

    Joe Bachmann and the Crew, the Savage Brothers, Right On is back for 70’s Night (1/22) Alligator Zydeco for Mardi Gras… and the list goes on and on…

    And while there are no more free wings… the Wobbly STILL has our free nacho bar for Saturday Happy Hour with either Sean Rivers or Wicked Acoustic!

    “Poor music line-up?” Not at The Wobbly Barn!

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